Craft Furniture and Wunders are our companies that provide high-quality handcrafted, custom furniture. This is perfect if you want to have your unique vision of handmade furniture come to life with sizes, fabric selection, and finishes.
Margaux Drinks Unit
Made out of solid oak stained to black, this unit combines bronzed mirror and steel handles sprayed to brass for a sophisticated finish. It includes wine glass holders, mirrored trays for storage and integrated lighting.  View More 1 of 1
Wunders Mac Collection
Mac Collection
The Easy Chairs embody simple sophistication with a loose back cushion and flange seam detailing. The design is elevated through pairing it with the mac coffee and side tables. View More 1 of 1
Sienna Server
This piece is made using solid oak for the wooden shelving and slats that are fitted onto a mild steel framework that has been coated to brass.  View More 1 of 1
Couch Simple clean lines
Mac Sofa
This Sofa takes the streamlined details of mid-century modern design and adds in luxurious comfort. A wrapped bench seat sits on a slim solid oak base and flange seam detailing completes the look. View More 1 of 1
Geometric Server Craft
Geometric Server
This statement piece includes a brass inlay on sprayed MDF and veneer over edge doors with a solid oak surround. The brass inlay is complemented by the steel legs in the same finish. View More 1 of 1
Couch double base cushion luxury
Duke Sofa
This contemporary design features our signature double base cushion with extra depth to the seat. View More 1 of 1

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