Giving back is an incredible privilege and is something that is one of our core focuses for The Excellence Group. We have developed lasting relationships with the incredible initiative, The Little Optimist.

The Little Optimist began in 2016 when a man named Greg Bertish fell incredibly ill. He was misdiagnosed and found himself in and out of hospitals. He got through these troublesome times with his newfound appreciation for how much optimism can play a part in your outlook on life. When he recovered, he sailed an Optimist, a single-handed 8ft dinghy (aka Oppie or Bathtub) around the Cape of Storms to raise awareness for heart disease. Greg sailed 200km’s with each kilometre representing a day he spent in hospital fighting life-threatening heart infections.

The Little Optimist Greg Bertish

Following this, he formed The Little Optimist Trust to inspire children to survive and thrive, and to follow their passions and dreams. The concept resonated with our group philosophy and we decided to partner with The Little Optimist as our preferred charity. This gave our businesses the opportunity to donate a combination of products and financial contributions, as well as our staff offering their time for various events and community engagements.

In 2019, we donated an optimist to the trust which was actually sailed by one of our employees at The Waterfront for a fundraiser! Another drive that we did was to gather furniture from donations to successfully refurbish the William Slater Centre for Adolescents and Young Adults. Dulux was our paint sponsor while Roco donated handles for the kitchen and Lansdowne Boards donated the countertop of the Spotlight Joinery kitchen that we installed. We saw overwhelming support from everyone in the company in their donation of time and furniture pieces for the centre.

The Excellence Group also assisted with the Holy Cross Children’s Home. The Holy Cross Child and Youth Care Centre was established in 1918. They have been caring for neglected, vulnerable children and those abandoned and orphaned for over 100 years. We donated kitchens, appliances as well as repainted the space. The day was topped off with boerie rolls and soccer games with the kids and our staff!

While we have completed many drives and initiatives in the past, we are geared up and ready to continue giving back and make a difference in the future. We believe that we are in a unique and fortunate position to make a positive impact in the communities that surround us.

We are always overwhelmed by the support and involvement of everyone in the company from the front of house staff to the people in the factory to those who find themselves sitting around the directors’ table. Each person takes the initiative to get involved and help make someone else’s life better. 

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