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  • Judy Lain

Don't leave your high-end kitchen in the dark

The kitchen is often the meeting place, the "take 5 mins to read a message" place, the place we prepare our families meals and try out cooking new recipes for friends. Yet this multi-functional space is often the last place one thinks about installing proper lighting. But for your high-end kitchen, one needs to think about the right light, from general lighting to task lighting and of course accent lighting.

What is task lighting in a luxury kitchen?

In interior design, task lighting refers to increasing the light in an area to help accomplish a specific activity. Therefore one needs to take into consideration visibility and contrast to help improve visibility in your high-end kitchen.

What is accent lighting?

Accent lighting is used to highlight a particular area or object for example a piece of art. This means that the brighter the light, the more visual interest it can create in your high-end kitchen.

What is general lighting?

General lighting falls in between task and accent lighting. It refers to the general illumination of an area. For example, indoors, it could be the use of a lamp on a table or a fixture on the wall.

Contrasts and colours in your high-end kitchen

Having the right light is not only practical, but it can make a big difference in the way your high-end kitchen looks and feels. Much of the warm, homey atmosphere in your luxury kitchen comes from the way light, and shadows fall. When a room is too bright, it flattens shapes and subdues features. Too much contrast is also hard on your vision. When designing your high-end kitchen, use several light sources to highlight details that create an atmosphere and a softer scattered light that doesn't tire the eye.

Need some kitchen inspiration, here are five design tips to help you light your high-end kitchen:Kitchen design tip 1:

Plan task lighting first, this makes sure you focus light where you need it most. Then think about your accent lighting, where do you want to create visual interest? Then fill in the rest of the kitchen with general lighting.

Kitchen design tip 2:

Combine your three layers of lighting with beautiful light fixtures and dimmers.

Kitchen design tip 3:

Fit a light strip below the wall unit above your worktop.   This will give you excellent visibility on your worktop, without shining onto your eyes or creating a shadow.

Kitchen design tip 4:

Don't forget to put a light under the sink. It can come on automatically when you open the cupboard, making the contents easier to see.

Kitchen design tip 5:

If you opt for glass or steel wire shelves in wall units. Put a light at the top of the cupboard. It will illuminate the whole cabinet, making items easier to find and see.

Also, check that the electrical systems are certified by quality marks and preferably use low-energy consumption systems.

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