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  • Judy Lain

Looking for a scratch-resistant kitchen worktop

One of the hardest decision you have to make when designing your kitchen is the material selection for your kitchen worktop. Undoubtedly there are so many choices available. Furthermore, each material potentially has a range of commercial or even company names. Clearly, this has created a lot of confusion in the market.

We have, therefore created eight categories for materials that can be used for worktops:


Acrylic resin-mineral composite

Quartz composite



Natural marble

Natural granite

Ceramic or sintered surface

Which is the best material for a kitchen worktop?

Each material used for a high-end kitchen worktop has its various advantages and disadvantages. It must therefore be noted that no material can be considered the absolute best.

We have examined the main characteristics of various materials and graded them for you. The grading ranges from very poor to excellent.

We hope this will help you make the right choice.

Scratch resistance

We often hear of "scratch-resistant surfaces".

Truth is, there is no such thing as an entirely scratch resistant surface. Any material can be scratched by an element that is harder than it.

At Valcucine, we tested all of the above eight categories. And what is apparent is that many perceptions and convictions are disproved by objective data.

To find the most resistant material for your kitchen worktop, we performed a scratch test on all eight categories, using the sharp edge of different materials of increased hardness.

Scratch resistance test results

Steel: Very poor to fairly good

Acrylic resin-mineral composite: Very poor

Quartz composite: Excellent

Glass: Fairly good to good

Natural marble: Fairly good to good

Natural granite: Excellent

Ceramic: Excellent

Scratch resistance test comments

Steel, usually considered to be a hard material scratches really easily. If you want a kitchen worktop that remains unscathed by scratches, steel is not the right choice.

The visibility of scratches was less visible on textured surfaces compared to polished surfaces.

Scratches were less visible on a light colour kitchen worktop versus a dark colour worktop.

If you want a kitchen worktop that doesn't show up scratches, a streaked worktop is preferable over an evenly-coloured worktop.

Repairing your kitchen worktop

The ability to repair any kitchen worktop surface is theoretically possible (except for laminate). However, consideration must be given to the complexity and the cost of repair. Therefore acrylic resin-mineral composite tops are actually the only feasible ones that can be repaired because they are soft enough to be easily sanded.

Join us next week to read about stain, corrosion resistance, and cleaning of your worktops.

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