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The Rockefeller is the latest addition to the Cape Town luxury residential offering. We were proud to be part of the development of this incredible building through Wunders.

Living in a hotel feels like the ultimate luxurious lifestyle. Being able to call down to the concierge desk at any time of the day or night guarantees that your wants and needs are met quickly and efficiently. Cape Town has recently seen the addition of another hotel with a residential option, called The Rockefeller Hotel. We were proud and excited to be able to work on this development with one of our companies, Wunders.

Rockefeller Hotel Cape Town Exterior

The hotel itself boasts a world-class fitness facility, fine dining restaurant and established co-working space, Ideas Cartel. This makes it easier for those of us who are working in a post-pandemic hybrid working environment. You can easily pop down to the working space and get some work done instead of heading into the office or staying in your apartment. This change of scenery can be everything that you need for a productive working day!

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group Rockefeller Hotel Cape Town2

Rockefeller Hotel Rooms

Each room and apartment has been furnished with ultra-luxury finishings to tailor a dream living space to one’s tastes and specifications. This is where Wunders were able to shine! We were approached by Sean Weldon from BrandKonnect, who has a long-standing relationship with our Director at Wunders, Peter Wunder.

We worked directly with Source IBA who designed the furniture pieces for the rooms. We were commissioned to make a bespoke set of ottomans and sofas that would put the ultimate touch of luxury in these rooms. Collaborating with a wonderful team, made the entire process seamless and we continued our journey with them when it came to choosing finishes. The finishes that were chosen were a lech fabric in the colour moulin rouge for the ottomans and a cotton blend fabric in the colour cloud for the sofas.

Rockefeller Hotel Bedroom Cape Town

We completed the initial mockup for the Rockefeller hotel standard room which the client was satisfied with and decided to choose us to complete the entire manufacturing process for each commissioned piece. The project required us to fabricate 124 ottomans and 255 sofas.

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group Rockefeller Hotel Cape Town4

We were able to complete this project in batches, as soon as rooms were completed from a construction point of view, and ready to be furnished, we were able to have these pieces delivered on-site. This made the process easy for everyone involved. Overall, the different stages of the project took three months to complete in its entirety which we were really proud of.

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group Rockefeller Hotel Cape Town5

Working on a project of this scale and for an incredibly luxurious client was an honour. It made us proud to be able to deliver products and service offerings to an exquisite standard. We aim to complete more of these types of projects in the future as we know that we have the processes and manufacturing capabilities in order to complete the project efficiently.

Product quality and process are the core focus for us and we would love to help you with your projects. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you through the process, give us a call on 021 035 1737 or send us an email at connect@theexcellencegroup.co.za

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