The TEG Tour Evolution

The TEG Tour Evolution

Through a year with ever-changing regulations, we’ve been able to make various improvements to our famous TEG Tour!

The last year has seen multiple changes for The Excellence Group. We’ve seen our group grow, our offering expand and our teams become stronger than ever. Through this growth, we’ve been able to make efficient changes to our processes and our famous TEG Tour has been one of our main focuses.

The TEG Tour offers homeowners and professional clients the opportunity to engage with our products, people and services in a tangible way. We’ve optimised the tour to make it bigger and better over the last 12 months- here are some of the ways that our tour has evolved. 

The TEG TOUR Evolution

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group Starting point

Starting Point

Previously we would start our tours at the Eurocasa showroom that was situated on Kloof Street. However, we have recently made the decision to move the Eurocasa showroom to be closer to our other companies in De Waterkant which is fast becoming the design hub of Cape Town. This has had a positive knock-on effect for our tour! Due to us starting the tour at Eurocasa and ending at Valcucine, which are both situated in the 117 Strand Street building, it means that we have the same start and endpoint, making it perfect for transportation and parking. 

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group TEG tour2

Our Latest Addition

We saw our group grow this year with the addition of the leading South African furniture business, Wunders. The family business was founded by Peter Wunder in 1983 and has grown from strength to strength to expand their reach across the country. Joining The Excellence Group meant that this would be our newest stop on the TEG Tour. This allows for our tourists to gain a tangible experience of their handcrafted production line at their 3500m2 factory in Lansdowne. 

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group A Grand Finale

A Grand Finale

We’ve found that one of the best parts of the tour is the opportunity to connect with like-minded people in the industry. Whether you’re an architect, interior designer or homeowner, there are always great connections to be made on tour. We decided to conclude our tour with an event at the end of the day, held at Valcucine. Here tourists can indulge in captivating conversations over Italian Prosecco and an assortment of gourmet snack platters.  

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group Experience in between

The Experience In Between

With much time being spent on the bus travelling between showrooms and factories, we saw the importance of making this a positive experience. On the bus, one will be guided by a TEG host as well as at least one of our Company Directors. Onboard, tourists can expect an in-house designed snack box filled with goodies from Woolworths tailored to each person’s dietary requirements as well as a company brochure and a branded tote bag to carry all of the surprises accumulated during the day.

Our tour involves a walk-through of all the showrooms and factories, allowing TEG Tourists to gain a deeper understanding of the companies that make up our group. However, we want people to walk away with a lot more than that- we want our guests to leave with a positive emotional experience too. We welcome all clients and industry professionals to join our tour and we’ve even organised that our tour be registered with CIFA and IID to gain CPD points for registered architects and interior designers.

If you would like to join us on tour, email us at and we will let you know when our next available tour date is. 

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