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We are fortunate enough to have grown our group with businesses that have a broad range of offerings. This makes it possible to gain access to our products and services through an integrated operation. We are able to supply comprehensive quotes and invoices to make it simple for you without needing to worry about the administrational headache of having to coordinate between different businesses. We understand that designing a new home can be at times stressful and confusing – which is why we have tailored our process to ensure your peace of mind. From our extensive experience in the industry with architectural, engineering and interior design backgrounds we have an innate understanding of what is required and possible to turn your vision into reality.

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Join The Excellence Group

At The Excellence Group, we aim to offer 70% of the requirements to fulfil the needs of the high-end residential space. We would like to take this opportunity to invite like-minded businesses that expand our basket of offerings and share our belief in our core ethos and philosophies.

If you feel that your business has the potential to have a great synergy with ours and falls into the following categories, please feel free to contact us at

Work for The Excellence Group

The wellbeing of our staff is at the centre of everything we do. We believe that our journey is the reward.

Our employees hold a range of different skills and attributes across the six TEG businesses. The Excellence Group is committed to assisting our employees in career growth and development through a variety of training and mentorship programmes across all divisions.

The leaders and directors within The Excellence Group are constantly looking for ways to better our passionate, committed and creative staff. The Excellence Group believes that commitment to a career is just as important as a commitment to your job – it starts with understanding the difference.

Career Opportunities

If you are interested in working for The Excellence Group, please browse through our current vacancies available.
No job openings available, check back soon!

Collaborate with The Excellence Group

From Instagram giveaways to events, the sky is the limit! TEG Marketing is always open to new ideas and collaborative initiatives. If you have an exciting concept that is in line with our brand, send us an email at

Our Marketing Department is a young and innovative team that is constantly pushing boundaries to make the best marketing decisions for the group. If you would like to learn more about the TEG-M team and potential opportunities, contact us to take the next step on a collaborative journey for Excellence.

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